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Is There Anything The Schools Can Do?


Level the playing field in elementary, middle, and high school.

Once the baseline assessment is given, a formal report can be written. Once the report is written it can be taken to the school and a 504 can be requested. You will work with a team at your child's school to develop a plan that will allow your child to have the greatest success. Accommodations will be recommended in the report based on the findings.

504 Past High School

Taking the help past graduation.

A 504 will carry on into a government funded college. Most colleges, even private, receive some government funding. If this is the case, they are required to review a 504 and determine if the accommodations listed are applicable in the college setting.


Individualized Education Plan

An IEP may be needed if schools are unable to provide the intervention needed in the classroom. Discovery Learning Intervention will provide ample support outside of school and may prove to be enough. There are a few cases that do require an IEP with more intensive intervention. 
Know your options before your child goes to college. He/She may be a good ways away, but it will sneak up on you before you know it. An IEP stops once a child graduates high school. You will need to move to a 504 plan.

Formal Diagnosis

Is it needed?

There may be a time when a formal diagnosis is needed. Most of the time, an assessment like the one given at Discovery Learning Intervention is all that's needed to get your child the interventions and accommodations needed to help them succeed in school. 
If you choose an IEP, or if an IEP is recommended, then you must have an official diagnosis. 
A 504 does not require a diagnosis and the assessment and report will provide adequate information to develop a plan.
The site linked give pros and cons for a formal diagnosis of Dyslexia. One con that is not listed is the wait time for testing. It can take up to a year before your child can be officially tested and receive a diagnosis.

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